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There are so many people in desperate need. Many have lost loved ones. Many are sick. Many are still overseas fighting for our freedom. Many can't afford to buy a birthday present for their child. We are changing that and you can help. Winning at the Race of Life (WRL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing hope to communities across the country by putting on unforgettable stunt shows, feeding the poor and homeless, clothing the needy, providing counseling and mentorship to children in need, teaching mechanic skills and giving children and the "young at heart" adults the tools they need to WIN at the race of life.

Founder, Hollywood Stuntman, Sammy Maloof is a racecar driver, hotrod shop owner, engine builder, speaker and author seen in numerous TV shows & movies like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol & Fast & Furious and currently in development of his own reality show: http://SammyMaloof.TV

Sammy and his team strongly believe the younger generation needs to know there is a wonderful plan for their lives.

WRL makes a positive impact on every community they visit by providing children and young at heart adults with the encouragement, tools, training and life-skills they need to survive and WIN at the Race of Life. WRL's live stunt shows are an extremely inspirational event for kids of all ages, especially teens who are at a critical moment in their life and need answers and direction.

The principles in WRL products and magazines are life changing; building integrity and character. WRL teams up with local newspapers, radio and television stations to bring awareness of the need for positive outlets for today's youth. Determined through programs and events to bring about a responsible love for cars and racing in a safe and respectable manner, WRL's goal is to provide ongoing assistance, counseling, mentorship and scholarships from Sammy Maloof and a host of celebrities, while helping to educate and entertain today's car lovers as well as encourage tomorrow's stunt drivers. Your gifts in kind donations are helping WRL do this.

To invite Sammy Maloof to your next event and / or to find out how you can help, please email

call 626-292-2258 and visit

Thankyou for your support. TOGETHER, we WILL make a difference.


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